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 the bamboo cupping therapy

  Traditional Chinese Medicine
Fire Bamboo cupping therapy
  fire style bamboo cupping therapy
therapy room
 address  :
   Fukunaga bulg 4th fl
   2-1-1  Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
    Office Hours
Mon, Tue    
noon to 7.00 p.m.
Thu ,  Fri    
noon  to 7.00 p.m.
10 .a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Closed on Wednesday,Sunday
and Holiday
Reservation Priority
Call :
(  English , Chinese Correspondence )
Fukunaga bulg  4th fl
2-1-1  Iwamoto-cho Chiyoda Ward ,
call : 03-5820-9130
   Fukunaga  bulg                           APA  HOTEL
Fukunaga bulg 1st fl   
Fukunaga liquor shop
 the next door    APA HOTEL
    Guidance of Sun Acupuncture Clinic
Guidepost is Apa hotel,  Family Mart
and Konya-cho cross road
     Apa Hotel                Family Mart( konya-cho cross road)
the front is Fukunaga bulg and apa hotel
   konya-cho cross road
 Fukunaga bulg                                  Fukunaga bulg 
4th fl  Sun acupuncture clinic          1st fl  Fukunaga liquor shop
 confirmation of name plate
 4th fl  SUN鍼灸院 (sun acupuncture clinic )
Please go up the stairs to the second fl
by the side of liquor shop
 second fl entrance of elevator hall
 please go up to the 4th fl of sun acupuncture clinic 
 JR Line kanda station  south exit , east exit 
6 minutes walk
 Subway tokyo metro Ginza Line   kanda station  
6 minutes walk
 Toei shinjuku Line  iwamoto-cho station 
5 minutes walk
 JR Sobu Line   shin-nihonbashi station 
4 minutes walk
 Subway tokyo metro Hanzomon-Line 
mitsukoshi -mae station
6 minutes walk
Subway tokyo metro Hibiya-Line
kodenma-cho station  
 5 minutes walk
    Bamboo Cupping Therapy



 Chinese Bamboo Cupping Therapy



    Office Hours



 Mon , Tue   

noon  to  7.00 p. m .

 Thu  , Fri      

noon  to  7.00 p.m .


10 a.m.  to  3.30 p.m .


Closed on Wednesday ,sunday

and holiday



Reservation Priority

Call :  


English, Chinese Correspondence )


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fukunaga bulg 4th fl

 2-1-1  iwamoto-cho Chiyoda Ward, 




           Fukunaga  bulg                            APA  HOTEL


Fukunaga bulg 1st fl  

Fukunaga liquor shop

the next door   APA  HOTEL



    Services & Fees


 Director Taguchi

Special treatments 


Initial Consultation ¥2000 → 

Free now !!!


   Short Treatment ( including bamboo cupping )

 acupuncture, moxa

40min ¥4000  


    Standard ( including bamboo cupping )

 acupuncture, moxa

60min ¥6000


  Long treatment (including bamboo cupping )

 acupuncture, moxa  

 90 min ¥9000  


  History of Cupping

Cupping is a very old technique which was used in China 

in ancient times.

The first recorded account of it is believed to be around


At that time animal horns were used , but thankfully today 

we use cups made from glass or " bamboo " !!



  Benefits of Cupping Therapy



 Let's experience !!



        Bamboo cupping           private treatment room


Conditions which can benefit from cupping include 

headache, back pain,


joint and muscular pain, infertility, sexual disorder , 

rheumatic disease,


hyper tension, breast enhancement, bed wetting, 

common colds and flu,


insomnia, stroke, fever , constipation , and diarrhea , 

chest pain, asthma,and blood disorders.


cupping is usually done for conditions such as bronchitis , 

asthma ,congestion, arthritis , and certain type of pain, 

usually chronic pain.


it is aiso done to treat depression and times 

to reduce certain types of swelling.


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  Traditional Chinese Bamboo Cupping Therapy in tokyo





    Chinese traditional bamboo cupping therapy in tokyo




Let's experience !!

A partial vacuum is created in the cups by quickly putting 

a flame into the cup,

withdrawing it and rapidly placing the cups along the areas 

to be treated.


The suction draws some of the skin up into the cups.

The client will feel a pleasant warming sensation as the 

muscles being to soften and relax.


The cups can be used on their own or placed over needles 

as part of an acupuncture treatment.


They are usually left in place for about 5 to 10 minutes .


Sometimes after they have been removed a red ring 

may be left behind,

but this usually disappears after a few days or a week.


Everyone enjoys this soothing bamboo treatment !!


Cuuping should not be performed on people 

with inflammed, irritated, or infected skin.


It is aiso usually avoided on elderly people with very thin, 

delicate skin.


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  Ancient Cupping Therapy


    ancient bamboo cupping     animal horns cupping



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 Tokyo Bamboo Cupping




   Let's enjoy bamboo cupping in kanda tokyo !!



   I am waiting for your call !!



 in tokyo kanda !!        


 I welcome you  !!!!