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Call : 080-7567-1967


( English ,  Chinese Correspondence  )

  visit treatment from door to door 


      visit extent : tokyo 23 ward

       please apply to another area




  2301 fujitsuka kasukabe city saitama






  What is Acupuncture?



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Acupuncture has been employed as a health care modality

 for over five-thousand year-old.


Acupuncture is recognized by the National Institute of 

health (NIH)

in 1997 and the World Health Organization to be 

an effective treatment for many illness and conditions, 

doing so by stimulating the body to naturally 

correct imbalances in the flow of energy "Qi ".



this is done by inserting ultra-fine , sterile disposable 

acupuncture needles 

underneath the skin at specific points  in the body.



These acupuncture points are related to energy pathways


meridians that run throughout the entire length 

of the body.


When the flow of Qi is disrupted due to stress, trauma, 

poor diet, injury, 

or other condition, pain, illness and even psycological and 

emotional disorders can result.



  How Does Acupuncture Work?





According to the classical doctrine of TCM the life energy 

"Qi" from the major organs continuously flows 

along the circulatory channels 

throughout the human body.


When a person is healthy , the energy flow is smooth and 

in  balance.

If the  flow is blocked or disturbed ,then a person 

will feel ill or pain.

Acupuncture works by regulating the disturbed or 

imbalanced  "Qi" 

flow to relieve pain or recover the patient from their illness.


Modern medical scientists works by releasing narcotic-like 


such as endorphin or opioids from the spinal cord or brain 

to stop pain 

or rehabilitate the patient back to health.




    Services & Fees



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 Director Taguchi

Special Visit treatment from door to door


    Standard treatment  ( including bamboo cupping )

       acupuncture , moxa

        60min   ¥10,000     (including traffic fee)


    Long treatment  ( including bamboo cupping )

       acupuncture, moxa

 90 min    ¥13,000  (including traffic fee)


  visit extent : tokyo 23 ward

      please apply to another area ( chiba ,saitama etc )






Call  080-7567-1967


 ( English , Chinese Correspondence )




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